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Poster: Tamlintheyounger Date: Apr 10, 2013 2:44pm
Forum: spiritualityandreligion Subject: Re: FAERIES - FAE - SIDHE - FAIRIES !

First off I am not comfortable with the religion and spirituality designation but in any case the trend in anthropology and historical studies over the few hundred years is that discovery of real history behind what was previously perceived as myth. specifically of course there's the case of troy - plus there's evidence of the joeseph house in the nile delta.
I have a misapprehension here but you don't have to proceed - when i approached teenhood my parents left a medical book arund the house whtat had graphic illustrations as to sex and that was part of how things were taught - and like it is a little like besmirching the tender and lovely images of thousands of dreams when we reduce them to history.
Nevertheless names and words say a lot. The fact that I agree with Graves might make you thing.
The three in one goddess as Anu - when five thousand years ago civilization and patrilinear ID of children could be made the goddess, after a few bloody missteps in Cybelle and etc was replaced by thunder god pantheon.
The battle as it were took place in
what is today turkey. The goddess worshipers moved north to moscow and then west across Dane - mark ( which they gave their name to - eventually winding up in Ireland where as the tuatha de denaan (Or people of Danu) they are the leprechauns.
I don't have all day to describe various psychological processes since much f my research is new so I have no idea what the state of art is in academia - as per for instance the development of myth to accommodate societies insecurities.
In a lovely and typical juxtraposition ANU is now St ANN who is the mother of the Christ figure.
thor Hederthall was working on this thesis when he died a few years back. - But as well it's good to consider that there were other means of cultural transmission.
Um you must recognize that I am speaking of the Kelts here - who have traditionally afforded woman, and reason, a higher status then usual. The white goddess was no small time cult either she lasted thirty or so thousand years.
The La tene culture - erg o what is now Czechoslovakia has long been important since it's the doorway between continents and east and west
Two last things and I let you go - One is the keltic journey also went from egypt to spain, Portugal and eventually to wales and Ireland Welsh for example is not a roman language t is more akin the Belgian. There is strong linguistic evidence then that the Osiris of Egypt and the Arthur of Britain are related both sleep on mystical isles.
El Cid, Siddarthur and arthur are also related
the wounded king story we know ws invented by the welsh driuds (Taliesin specifically) as a way of preserving the old faith before the Christian onslaught
The bowl of Ceridwin which often gets mixed up w/ h holy grain has nine pearls set into it's rim and these become the nine virgins that bring the bleeding lance and grail before the questor

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